Management 101

I just finished “Predictable Revenue” by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler, in anticipation of a meeting this week. It’s a primer on sales prospecting and a great read for managers and sales folks alike.

One point struck home with me, which Ross and Tyler actually attributed to “First Break All The Rules: What The World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently.” It’s by no means rocket science, but it pretty much summarized what I look for in a manager, and what I really haven’t experienced in quite some time.

1. Do I know what’s expected of me at work?

2. Do I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right?

3. At work, do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day?

4. In the last seven days, have I received recognition or praise for good work?

5. Does my supervisor, or someone at work, seem to care about me as a person?

6. Is there someone at work who encourages my development?

7. At work, do my opinions seem to count?

8. Does the mission/purpose of my company make me feel like my work is important?

9. Are my coworkers committed to doing quality work?

10. Do I have a best friend at work?

11. In the last six months, have I talked with someone about my progress?

12. At work, have I had opportunities to learn and grow?


The first six points speak to the role of the manager, and the latter six to employee satisfaction. And wow – it is exactly what I think about in job searching. When I meet with potential employers, I make it clear I am interviewing them as much as they are interviewing me. I want a manager who recognizes my work and wants me to succeed. I don’t need to be best friends with my manager, but one who cares about my life and ensures I have a good work/life balance would be ideal. And being able to excel – removing “systemic” barriers to allowing employees to use their skills is imperative to me.

I’ll do my best to keep the top six in mind as a manager, and I already use the last six, perhaps not in those exact terms to judge my satisfaction.  And I’ll have some questions to ask in my meeting this week!