So I thought I’d try a new infographic resume, just to see what it would look like.  I am far from a graphic designer, so I have been playing with all of the apps out there. None seems perfect, of course – I’d prefer one that focused mostly on my experience and skills more than my “job timeline,” however, here are a few links to the ones I’ve been messing with.  I’ll be trying another one this evening (Kinzaa) that requires a bit more work to put it together – it may be the best one out there for that reason.

Here’s the link to my infographic. It’s not as flexible as I’d like in that I can only put two quotes on the page, and I’d move my skill chart higher on the page.

Here’s my page – I love the quotes but don’t love the simple skill listing.

Finally, here’s the Brazen Careerist’s Facebook App page. It’s by far the most simple – kinda like Facebook itself.