A Little Inspriation

A friend posted this on Facebook, and I had to “steal it.”

Do not become subservient. Do not dwell on every tiny setback in the course of pursuing your chosen path. To do so would be foolish. Victory or defeat is determined by our entire lives. Moreover, our final years are the most crucial. What is enviable about the pretentious rich? What is great about conceited celebrities? What is admirable about political leaders who gained their positions of power by treating others with contempt? Dig right where you stand, for there lies a rich wellspring! – Daisaku Ikeda

Worst Interview Question. Ever.

About two months ago I was asked what I think is the worst interview question ever.

“Describe a time when you went above and beyond.”

Really? In customer/donor relations going above and beyond is what I do every day. I want each donor, volunteer, event attendee, committee member, and staff person to feel as though I have given them great service – what they service. Service that they deserve. So what would be above and beyond that?

I was completely stumped. I came up with something about working every angle possible to ensure we had enough wine for our event when one distributor couldn’t fulfill the entire donation commitment. But that’s not above and beyond, that’s making sure my event went off without a hitch. I used to do a few extra personalized mailings to thank and recruit blood donors, but I don’t think that’s above and beyond either.

It’s just doing a good job, and taking pride in my work. Perhaps that’s not so easy to find nowadays.


So I thought I’d try a new infographic resume, just to see what it would look like.  I am far from a graphic designer, so I have been playing with all of the apps out there. None seems perfect, of course – I’d prefer one that focused mostly on my experience and skills more than my “job timeline,” however, here are a few links to the ones I’ve been messing with.  I’ll be trying another one this evening (Kinzaa) that requires a bit more work to put it together – it may be the best one out there for that reason.

Here’s the link to my cvgram.me infographic. It’s not as flexible as I’d like in that I can only put two quotes on the page, and I’d move my skill chart higher on the page.

Here’s my vizualize.me page – I love the quotes but don’t love the simple skill listing.

Finally, here’s the Brazen Careerist’s Facebook App page. It’s by far the most simple – kinda like Facebook itself.